Carol Walsh Art Studio
5760 Shirley Street, #6, Naples, FL 34109    
​Hours: By appointment
Carol Walsh, Oil, Acrylic and Pastel 484-431-1052   
After many years of painting portraits in oil of friends and family, I've grown to love the challenge of the abstract.  Concentrating on color, texture, light, and composition, my focus is to create images within a space that make sense to me and pleases the senses." "I have a BA degree from the Univ. of Texas with a concentration in Graphic Design and studied for several years in live art classes at PAFA (Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts).

Cynthia Corio-Poli Design
5850 Shirley Street, #102, Naples, FL 34109
​Hours: Vary, please call
Cynthia Corio-Poli, Jewelry & Glass 703-548-2086;

This studio is where my thoughts and dreams gather to form my works of art. It holds the heart and soul of my expression and it is where I combine my love for metal and glass.
I design and create custom jewelry, and with wedding rings being a specialty of mine, I often incorporate colorful enamels and precious gemstones.
Glass, along with vitreous enamels are also mediums I thoroughly enjoy working with and while the techniques can be arduous at times, the rewards are exciting and fun.
You are welcome to come by and visit this working studio of mine and gaze upon my finished work in the gallery. 

Cynthia Adams, Painter 239-289-5070

Working artist studio and fine art boutique gallery featuring contemporary paintings on canvas, acrylic and glass, and selected works in sculpture and 3D.

Barbi Dalton
Fairways Trade Village

Barbi Dalton, Oil/Acrylics, Watercolor, 919-622-1907

Barbi Dalton resides in Marco Island,FL and Chapel Hill, NC. The paintings are expressive
impressionistic using a bold paint stroke and blending of colors by use of a palette knife. Barbi has been exhibited multiple times in “The Carolina Got Art Exhibit” in Charlotte,North Carolina.
Recently was juried into the “Durham Arts International Exhibit” and “Raleigh Fine Arts Exhibit”
in North Carolina. Barbi’s painting “ Morning Surf” was published as the cover art for “2016
Genetics in Medicine Journal”. Barbi’s work is exhibited in many private homes and public locations, which includes UNC Cancer Hospital, Nature Museum in Cary, NC. "I am drawn to paint images that stimulate the senses and are deeply rooted in nature. I strive to transform everyday scenes into dynamic affirmations of life. By weaving the delicate interplay of light and shadow into the artistic vignettes I create, I believe I am reflecting the Divine presence, even in the smallest moments of time.”

​casa art studio
5850 Shirley Street, #104  Naples, FL 34109
​Hours: M-F, 10-4, Weekends by Appointment 
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Steve Adams, Painter 239-289-5071

Working artist studio and fine art boutique gallery featuring contemporary paintings on canvas, acrylic and glass, and selected works in sculpture and 3D. 

Carolyn Desch, Studio C
1960 Trade Center Way
​Hours: T - F, 1-4 or By Appointment
Carolynn Desch, Metal Smith, Jewelry 312-543-2236;;
​A metalsmith is trained to understand the properties of the metals that are used for their creations. I look at all my designs through the eyes of a metalsmith. The jewelry I make is conceived using the same approach I use to create my sculptures and installation works. The important aspects of my jewelry are the qualities of the metal, the relationship the form of the jewelry has to the body, the type of statement the jewelry makes and the inspiration  behind the design.
It is with pleasure that I create my designs using sterling silver and it’s properties and the visual inspiration of nature and architecture to achieve jewelry works that will delight my clients. 

Blue Pearl
6260 Shirley Street, Suite 604  Naples, FL 34109
​Hours: By Appointment or chance        
Diane Whiting, Painter 320-217-3680
Two and three dimensional contemporary island art.

Barbara Groenteman Fine Art Studio & Gallery
5760 Shirley Street, Unit #7  Naples, FL 34109
​Hours: By Appointment or Chance            
Barbara Groenteman, Painter 239-572-3386
Working studio and galley of watercolorist Barbara Groenteman. Barbara’s technique is glazing layers of pigment to achieve color saturation and “glow”. Themes includes Florida wildlife, botanicals and beach treasures done in a traditional realism method. She is a signature member of the Florida Watercolor Society and the International Guild of Realism.  
Watercolor classes for small groups or private available. Sign up for newsletter for class notification.