Inspirations Artists & Design Gallery 
5450 B. Shirley Street
​Hours:by Appointment

Meghan Nichols Houde, Manager/Artist 917-843-7177​ 
Classes available in glass painting and oil painting.       

Geoff Gleason Sculpture Studio
5490 Yahl Street
​Hours: by Appointment
Geoff Gleason, Sculpture 703-597-2897
Geoff has an active woodworking studio in the Naples Art District where he makes abstract sculptures from various hardwoods (i.e. cherry, black walnut and maple). 
​His tools include chainsaws, wood grinders, various electrical saws and sanding equipment.  He has been making one of a kind wood sculptures for over a decade.  His sculptures are currently on display at Sunbuilt Incorporated and the Casanova Art Gallery, located in Naples, Florida.  In describing his work Geoff says he makes abstract shapes (i.e. cubism, minimalism, biomorphic) that challenge us. "When we see an abstract sculpture we attempt to relate it to a familiar object.  Yet, when it fails to fit the mold, an unknown three dimensional shape intrigues us and at its best is an aesthetically pleasing and new human symbol".

Paula Brody, Mixed Media and Collage 239-272-7110
Artist, Paula Brody is open and ready to wow you with dynamic energy and vibrant color which are consistent elements among the diverse styles in her paintings. Paula’s deep connection to nature’s beauty is the inspiration for her joyous florals and multi-textured abstracts. Her mixed media collages combine acrylics, watercolor, inks, oil pastels, fibers, fabric and found objects. Paula’s three-dimensional paper sculptures are unique to her style of painting papers which are then torn and reassembled. These “Brodage Collages” have won several awards in juried shows.
When not in her studio painting, Paula can be found sublimely tending her gardens. “My garden becomes my palette and my palette becomes my garden”, she notes as she speaks to the wide array of colors combined in her gardens and her abstract florals.
From her own experience as an artist without formal training, Paula Brody believes that everyone has artistic talents often hidden within them just waiting for expression. Paula teaches day-long workshops entitled, “Creation and Creativity: Discover Your Own Inner Artist”, offering new artists playful and experimental ways to discover the surprises that emerge from an introduction to various Media and techniques. 

Gallery 206
5880 Shirley Street, Suite 206  Naples, FL 34109
​Gallery 206 is an art studio/gallery that hosts various artists working and displaying unique styles.
​See website for current hours.      

Julie Kimball, Acrylic 239-405-2826
​By Appointment

I am a painter of abstract landscapes. I work in acrylic. I am a colorist first and foremost. My subjects range from the Florida Everglades to the harbors of Martha Vineyard to the birch trees of Vermont.

Marty Hulsebos, Photography 641-451-1660

Art can appeal predominantly to our senses, but when it goes deeper and touches our heart and mind, it inspires and know it when you see it. That is what motivates me to create. Fascinated by the varieties of light falling on and illuminating landscapes is at the heart of my art, which I have been practicing for 30 years

I exhibit my photos as warm-toned black and whites, but also color. Prints are on metal with wood frames. Other substrates are also available.

Christine Otis, Painter/Photographer 267-265-0912

I work in many visual mediums: painting, photography, mixed media, and manipulation of textiles and fabrics. As an avid storyteller, I work through images, space, words, colors, and expressions to explore new possibilities, and designs. I paint mostly abstract pieces using acrylic paints, and inks. In photography, I use a macro lens to capture my flowers in bloom. With my glass ornaments, I paint the inside of the glass using acrylic inks, and other materials to capture what is displayed in nature. I am always seeking new explorations to capture am image. I welcome you to visit my website to see other work of mine, or make an appointment to see my work at Gallery 206.