Leigh Herndon
Inspirations Gallery
5450B Shirley Street
Hours: Fridays 10-4 and by appt. (July 2018 by apt)
www.leighherndon.com - paintings; www.leighdesignsnaples - wearable art
A chance meeting with a rozome  artist who studied under the kimono artists in Japan for several years changed Leigh’s creative process. Although her master of fine arts degree focused on batik, the rozome painting process on silk allowed shading and was much more intriguing. Rozome, or Japanese wax-resist dye painting, is more flexible and painterly, and presents a new fluidity to the dye process.
Leigh’s award winning mysterious rozome nature paintings tell a story, evoke an emotion, or give an impression and lend themselves to metaphor, and sometimes ambiguity. By being atmospheric and not too literal, the viewer is left to complete the story as desired or needed, based on personal experiences. Leigh does not try to be too representational, and although she likes imagery, it is just a starting place. One reviewer described her work as poetic.
Wearable art:  Wrapping the body with her painting imagery, fine silk becomes her canvas. The fluidity of applying color with dyes continues to captivate her as she continues to push the limits of dyeing. This medium provides a perfect process for interpreting  the beauty and mystery of nature, and the body allows the colors and imagery to flow.

Laurel Schmid Art LLC
5760 Shirley Street, Unit 15
Hours: By Appointment or Chance
Laurel Schmid, Acrylic, Texture and Watercolor
laurel@laurelschmidart.com; www.laurelschmidart.com
​Laurels's paintings are inspired by the ocean, sunsets and island life. Her work has been described as emotional and bold with tropical influences. Laurel's art is exhibited in her Naples studio, as well as throughout the Grand Cayman and is collected internationally. She was honored to be "Featured Artist" at the Gallery at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman. Laurel works with acrylic, texture and watercolor.  

Lynn Leon Loscutoff Studio
5760 Shirley Street, 8  Naples, FL 34109   
​Hours: By Appointment
Lynn Loscutoff, Artist, Author, Teacher
lynn@lynnloscutoff.com         www.lynnloscutoff.com
Small classes in watercolor and acrylics available.
Lynn has been teaching with Yupo, a synthetic  paper, for many years and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience. Lynn is a colorist and an expressionist painter in acrylics and the author of “Loscy & Me: A Scrapbook Memoire of Lynn and Jim Loscutoff” as well as 3 published art books.

Libbie Bramson, Beadjeweled Trends
5760 Shirley Street, #11  Naples, FL 34109      
​Hours: By Appointment    
Libbie Bramson, Jewelry 847-494-8972 
lbramson@me.com     www.beadjeweledtrends.com
Handcrafted necklaces, bracelets and earrings combine exciting design with bead embroidery and woven bead stitchery.

​​​ Maggie DeMarco Abstract Artist   
5760 Shirley Street, Suite 8, Naples, FL 34109
​Hours: By Appointment
Maggie DeMarco, Mixed Media 401-527-6554
maggiedemarcoart@aol.com   www.maggiedemarcoart.com
Maggie has studied with well known artists in the United States and Europe as well as attended Rhode Island School of Design. She now paints her oil, acrylic and mixed media at her working art studio in Artisan's Plaza. Maggie also offers glass painting classes.

Manneck Art at Wet Paint Studio
6260 Shirley Street, Studio 607
Hours: M-F, 10-4
Holly Manneck, Mixed Media 239-404-8019
​manneckart@hotmail.com; www.manneckart.com

American pop art inspired by past and present pop culture.